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Recommended children’s book

“Unlike some children’s books by less aware souls, the Elli journey does not pander to low expectations in language, ideas or ranges of interest among younger readers.”

~ Jack Kennedy, Joplin Independent (former journalist, Pittsburg State University English teacher and past national president of the Education Writers Association.)

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Readers’ Favorite review!

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

The Dream Travelers: From the Beginning by Cindi Elli revolves around Erin, Richard and Marie who discover a strange, big old book where they read the instructions to complete the lessons in the order given. The instructions take them on an adventurous trip and, at the end of their dream journey, readers will see them possessing unique skills and knowledge. Cannistra the dream-traveling wizard sends them on an adventurous trip where they learn many difficult lessons of life. As they put these lessons into practice in their daily lives, they change in a positive way. This dream adventure also sees the wizard taking the forms of many important people in history, which enables these three kids to learn from their wisdom and apply it in their lives.

The plot is unique and original and I like how the author brings in great people from history to share their knowledge and experiences with readers. This time travel story sees a good blend of reality and fantasy, and readers will enjoy the fun characters and adventures in the plot as the story progresses. The author’s writing style is fluid and elegant and that gives good pace and movement to the story. It’s a book that will capture the imagination of young and older readers alike with its dreamy feel, creativity and imagination. The book is entertaining and engaging from the beginning and will keep readers glued to the pages till the very end.

An awesome read for boys and girls!

The Dream Travelers: From the Beginning is an Awesome Book for elementary-aged children. And adults will enjoy it also. As an elementary librarian for 10 years, I became pretty good at choosing books for the kids. It was always easier to purchase for girls than boys. This is a book boys will LOVE! Lots of adventure, bravery, magic, dinosaurs, and space travel, too. And that is only the beginning. Richard will be every boy reader’s pal, and the girls, Marie and Erin, will keep the girls reading more. When I learned the book taught character development, I was a little concerned it might come across a little “preachy” or “goody-goody” but it doesn’t. This book would be a great read-aloud for class or bedtime. However, if you read it at bedtime, begin early, because the children will not be ready to have you stop! Ms. Elli has developed a wonderful story that will engage kids and entice them to learn more about the historical figures they learn about through the story.  ~As posted on Amazon


A great book, by a great author, with a great illustrator

“Every once in a while a book comes along that speaks to children, parents, and grand-parents alike while at the same time trying to teach some life lessons about appreciation, respect and autonomy.  The Dream Travelers – From the Beginning, a great book, by a great author, with a great illustrator has just appeared on the horizon.”

~ Michael F. Shaughnessy, University of New Mexico

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The book was wonderful and a fun ride!

“Great, interesting characters.  My favorite thing was how they moved through different times.  Details about historical events were perfectly suited  as to what was happening in the world at the same time the children’s travels were taking place.”

~ J. Bransfield, Shook Elementary Library Media Specialist

***** 5 star rating

“This book is wonderful. It has adventure, mystery, anticipation, and fun. A great book for 4th through 8th graders, to learn relevant lessons in today’s society, while having the added bonus of going on wonderful adventures. The places the characters get to travel to are amazing”.   ~ A. Hunt  (as posted on Amazon)

I hope Elli has plans to extend the journey

“What an incredible journey!  The Dream Travelers – From the Beginning, snags the reader’s attention immediately and keeps them entranced throughout.  It’s a fascinating story filled with history, magic, courage and personal growth.  The characters all face challenges and learn to use their individual skills and strengths to help each other overcome the obstacles thrown in their way.  Readers feel a sense of accomplishment and pride at the story’s end.  I hope Elli has plans to extend the journey.”

                ~ Missouri State Senator Mike Cunningham

Power to change the life of any child

“This book holds the power to change the life of any child fortunate enough to discover it.  A combination parable, history lesson, and ripping adventure, The Dream Travelers will entertain, inspire, and make any child both kinder and wiser.  I think this would be a perfect bedtime story, one that an adult would enjoy reading as much the child would enjoy hearing.  It truly was a delight to read.”

— Jerry Jacob, ABC News Anchor, KSPR-TV, Springfield, MO

I Cried

I loved this book and so did my grandchildren.  I actually cried at the end of the Graduation chapter, from being so overwhelmed at the deep message – for all of us – that chapter poignantly described.
— Rollene Gregory, Accounting professional and grandmother of 11, Conway, MO

A learning tool for children to love

With Dream Travelers—From the Beginning, Cindi Elli completes an act of love for her late sister and creates a learning tool for children to love. She mixes fantasy and fictional characters with historical legends to weave life lessons into an adventure story. Her characters help readers come away from the experience knowing more about history, geography, human relations and more.

–Dave Berry, Publisher of seven community newspapers in southwest Missouri

A unique tale of fantasy, history and life lessons

Full of action and suspense, The Dream Travelers engages the reader in a unique tale of fantasy, history and life lessons. The characters are realistic and humorous, exhibiting typical sibling rivalries but also learning how to love and protect one another.

The Dream Travelers is an exciting, compelling story filled with lessons about loyalty, bravery and perseverance.  A great book for the individual juvenile reader, The Dream Travelers can also be an intriguing read-aloud to share with family.

— Deborah Orr, Warrensburg, MO.  Public educator for 32 years as a teacher, principal and district superintendent; currently a faculty member at the Univ. of Central Missouri, teaching elementary education classes.  Also the proud mother of two and grandmother of five.

Vivid and appealingly educational

An enjoyable read for the young and young at heart. Elli makes the story vivid and appealingly educational.

— Mike Cullinan, Associate Editor, The Marshfield Mail

Reminds children what’s really important in life

Reading “The Dream Travelers” was a delightful expedition into the world of childhood adventure, with some of history’s most famous personalities as travel guides.

“The Dream Travelers” takes moments from history and, with an imaginative twist, turns them into a contemporary tale of discovery, realization and coming of age. Every reader should be able to see someone he or she knows (or perhaps a bit of themselves) as the characters strike a chord of authenticity, vulnerability and humanity while discovering more about who they truly are and where they are going.

“The Dream Travelers” reminds a new generation of children what’s really important in life. Highly recommended for the kid at heart, too.”

— Bryan E. Jones, Editor, Missouri Press Association and author of “Somebody Stole My Yawn!”

Brings to life whatever the mind can imagine

Welcome to the dream world of children Richard, Erin and Marie, where they are guided by Cannistra, a wizard of limitless guises, to meet Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt and other voices of wisdom on their nocturnal tours.  Transported by their imaginations, this plucky trio of “Dream Travelers” visits a mysterious, earth-like planet, spend time with a pioneer family and soar over the Florida Keys, New York City and the Rocky Mountains.

Both fantasy and history lesson, Cindi Elli’s “The Dream Travelers” brings to life whatever the mind can imagine with vivid imagery and detail.  More than a simple children’s fantasy, though, Elli’s tome uses every imaginary and real life adventure to reinforce life lessons learned by the children.  No doubt they will be both fascinated and edified by “The Dream Travelers.”

— Jim Hamilton, Award-winning newspaper columnist, author of “River of Used To Be: Reflections of an Ozarks Editor,” and contributor to “Yonder Mountain: An Ozarks Anthology,” by the University of Arkansas Press

Historical tidbits & likeable characters

Encounters with historical figures work magical changes on three dream travelers during summer break.  An intriguing premise, historical tidbits and likeable characters add up to a good read.

— Terri York, Director, Webster County Library

A delightful must-read

This book will introduce you to a great storyteller. This is a fun, fantasy children’s book with some real substance.  A delightful must-read for the new generation!

— Karen Bradley, Property Manager and grandmother, Independence, MO

Fun, imaginative & full of wisdom

“From the moment I read the story behind the story (book dedication) I was hooked.  Not only is the adventure story fun and imaginative, it is full of learning and wisdom.  We’re never too old or too young to experience heart and soul.”

–Elllen MacQueen, Boulder, CO

It brought back memories

I truly enjoyed The Dream Travelers.  It brought back memories of my Mom and all the true life stories she told her children… stories of hard times which gave me such a sense of pride for the hard-working American people.  I also liked the many famous people who came to life and had lessons to teach the children.  A good book to pass on to all the grandchildren.

— Carolyn Williams, business owner and proud grandparent of 10, Murietta, CA.

Exciting, funny and smart

Exciting, funny and smart! A great lesson in valuable truths and exercise of imagination.  Can’t wait to see where The Dream Travelers take me next!

— Cathy Romano, Owner and Editor, Coffee News of The Bay Area, TX