Ten year-old Richard decided it was fate that his stepsisters were with him when he discovered the book. If they hadn’t been, he was certain he wouldn’t have survived the arrow in his back or made it home alive from planet TRAUFOS. The mysterious book introduces the children to a dream-traveling wizard who sends them on exciting but frightening adventures. Cannistra, along with his impressive line-up of historic and appropriate teachers — Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Mozart, Eleanor Roosevelt, Neil Armstrong and Albert Einstein — succeed in teaching the children important, yet difficult lessons of life; lessons they must put into daily practice. Changes in the children come slowly, evolving with each new dream travel. Richard achieves self-confidence as he recognizes that he is much more than the neighborhood nerd. Erin, a dark and brooding 12-year-old, experiences events that will change the course of her coming-of-age years, while learning selflessness and humility. Eight-year-old Marie will steal your heart “in two jiggles of a mutton-butt” with her bubbly personality and topsy-turvy sayings. All of the children have been inspired to make a positive difference in the world, and now they can. Because now they have the power — the power to Dream On.



A contemporary tale using some of history’s most fascinating people, teach children about past events, present human relations and future life lessons.



Exploring the world of childhood adventure, the characters are met with action, suspense and resourceful story twists.



Given the number of fantasy books available, the Dream Travelers is visionary, offering a totally unique journey for ages 8-80.



Inspires a new generation of children to realize what’s really important in life, and how they can make a positive difference in the world.